Elementary Report Cards

The Woodhaven-Brownstown School District is now using a Standards-Based Report Card (SBRC) at the elementary level. This is an exciting step for our schools as we work towards ensuring that all students are successful at meeting grade-level standards.

Standards describe what a student should know and be able to do at each grade level in all subjects, and this new report card is designed to give parents more and better information about how their children are progressing.  

On the report card, parents will learn whether or not their child is meeting, approaching, or beginning to master grade level expectations.  The report card will also provide information on student work habits.  

This new report card is helpful in multiple ways. First, it will ensure that there is more consistency of expectations from teacher to teacher, and from school to school. Second, it will help teachers and students focus on the standards from the very beginning of the year, giving students a chance to get help sooner if they are not making adequate progress. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, parents will learn exactly how their students are doing based on the standardsthey'll learn which big ideas and concepts their children have learned and what they need to work on to ensure they are ready for the next grade level.


Sample Report  Card       

Young 5 Report Card


Kindergarten Report Card


1st Grade Report Card


2nd Grade Report Card


3rd Grade Report Card


4th Grade Report Card


5th Grade Report Card

Understanding the Common Core
 English Language Arts  Mathematics
 Kindergarten  Kindergarten
 1st Grade  1st Grade
 2nd Grade  2nd Grade
 3rd Grade  3rd Grade
 4th Grade  4th Grade
 5th Grade  5th Grade


Promoting Mathematical Thinking in Young Children

Standards for Student Mathematical Practices

Click hereto read the Parent's Guide to STAR Assessments. This guide will explain what a STAR assessment is, and how these assessments are scored.